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Vacation home property management on the Outer Banks –

When it comes to renting out your vacation home, you want to be sure the experience is a pleasurable one for your guests and also for you. By using one of the Outer Banks’ expert property management companies, you can relax in knowing that it is in good hands and say goodbye to the stress and hassle of trying to be your own property manager.

According to the leading real estate experts, there are numerous benefits to using a property management company. For one, property managers have marketing efforts far greater than an individual owner, points out Douglas Brindley, owner, president and general manager of Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales. That translates into more bookings for your property.

Brindley Beach Vacation and Sales has a 34-year history of being well known and respected property management company, and has a marketing capability that has a huge reach among past renters and future guests, said Brindley. It also has an in-house maintenance staff to keep guests and homeowners happy.

With Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as VRBO, Homeaway and AirBnB implementing huge traveler fees, more and more rental guests are discovering that it is better to book direct, according to Brindley. In fact, he predicts that in the near future, OTAs will require that they set rates with no control by the owner.

That’s just one reason why utilizing a real estate agency just makes good sense. “Maintenance services are hard to find on a timely basis (like right now, today),” Brindley said, but noted that local rental agencies have relationships with all vendors. In addition, “Off-season inspections on the homes are done on a regular basis.”

Brindley points out that it makes a difference that guests know they have a person or agency close by that can help them with any needs – and do so on a timely basis. A real estate agency can also head off potential problems with a rental guest. “Real estate agencies drive by the home and will detect a tenant who is acting wrong or simply should not be there,” he adds.

Elaine Breiholz, property manager for Carolina Designs Realty, echoes Brindley. “Using a property management company has many benefits, and primarily eases the stress on a homeowner.”

She pointed out that unless a homeowner lives nearby and is able to handle maintenance issues themselves, it’s simply more practical to use a property management company to coordinate maintenance and repairs, provide immediate response and serve as a buffer between the guest and the owner.

In addition to marketing, maintenance and customer interface, Breiholz said other services that are performed by a property management company include collecting rents, insurance payments and taxes, filing sales and occupancy taxes and providing monthly statements, as well as continually keeping owners informed on important safety concerns and general local issues.

“As a hands-on business with 30 years of experience, Carolina Designs helps second homeowners both rent and maintain their Outer Banks home and protect their investment,”Breiholz said. “We study market trends, and use this knowledge when setting rental rates for optimal rental performance.”

Breiholz added that Carolina Designs has proven advertising channels for good exposure, and its solid history gives the consumer a high level of confidence in the quality of homes the company represents.

“We work directly with prospective tenants through the initial inquiry, all the way to the end of a tenant’s vacation,” she continued. “After each stay, guests are asked to provide feedback through an online survey and the information is distributed to all our staff and shared with homeowners so that any concerns can be addressed promptly and properly.”

Breiholz added that Carolina Designs is a small company by choice, with an inventory of only about 350 homes. “By maintaining a focus on the essentials, clean homes, responsive maintenance, effective marketing, customer care and innovative technology, we provide outstanding results to our owners and a rewarding vacation experience to guests.”

All properties, Breiholz stressed, offer keyless entry and are clean and inspected after each rental in accordance with Carolina Designs Realty housekeeping and inspection guidelines. “In addition to our knowledgeable reservations staff, we have a skilled maintenance team and strive to handle any issues “the same day” whenever possible.

Corolla Classic Vacations is also a small real estate agency that specializes in property management. With a collection of about 250 vacation rental homes, it prides itself on its attention to detail, aiming to deliver the best service to homeowners and their guests. “We represent only the highest quality vacation homes, along with owners who are equally as committed to maintaining their homes,” their website reads. “Every guest receives our personal attention, which is why so many of our guests return year after year.”

Whatever property management company you choose to use, you’ll be certain to discover the joys of your real estate investment without any of the stress and hassle that can be associated with renting it on your own

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