Island Bookstore: Books speak most powerfully of what a human being can be. They dramatize the utmost any of us is capable of in love, suffering and knowledge. Our Duck store was our first, and still is, our largest. We have more books per square foot housed in this two-story locale than our other two stores. You can spend hours strolling our aisles searching for all kinds of titles and enlisting the help of experienced, knowledgable staff.

In Corolla, Island BookStore, our little gem of a store is located behind the Currituck Lighthouse next to the Historic Chapel. In keeping with the spirit of the Historic Village, this store was built to replicate the style of a previous building located on the site. This two-story full-service bookstore has all the literature you need for your stay.

The most recent Island Bookstore location in Kitty Hawk, shares the same shopping center as the Good Life Eatery. Although our smallest location, Kitty Hawk is a proud store with lots of books and, unlike our other locations, a broad selection of magazines. And if we don’t have it in stock, we can usually bring it down from another store within a day or two.

Historic Corolla Village
1130 Corolla Village Road • Corolla, NC


Scarborough Faire Shoppes

1177 Duck Road • Duck, NC


MP 4.5 on the By-Pass

3712 N. Croatan Hwy• Kitty Hawk, NC


You’re Are On Vacation, Treat Yourself!

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