Corolla Outback Adventures: Our history began in 1962 when the Benders began taking folks on tours from Kill Devil Hills to Corolla, there was no paved roads past Kitty Hawk to Duck, and phone numbers had 4 digits.

Over the years Corolla Outback Adventures has preserved a family history and tradition that was started in 1962. Bender’s Beach Service guided fishing, hunting and sightseeing parties, sharing with them the beauty of the area we call home.

On our Outer Banks wild horse tours, ride into our “Outback” area past the road’s end, traversing several refuge areas and sanctuary sites like the Wild Horse Estates Conservation easement. Along the way we often see a variety of shore birds and other wildlife and of course our Colonial Spanish Mustangs! Learn the history and local lore discovering what makes this wild part of the Outer Banks unlike any other place on earth, interpreted by Corolla’s most experienced guide service. Voted one of the best Corolla Wild Horse Tours.

1150 Ocean Trail
Corolla, NC


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