For over 20 years, Back Country Safari Tours has been providing the world an opportunity to view wild horses in Corolla NC on their own terms. Melding together a one-of-a-kind experience of both high energy, off-road adventure through the back country with top-notch professional naturalists and guides, our wild horse safari cannot be beat. One of the great things about being a company with a long-standing history working in this area is our access to large tracks of both private and public preserves that remain off limits to other tour companies in the area. As a partner of the private Spanish Mustang Preserve and with our unique partnerships with large landowners, we have helped to create and conserve a network of protected lands for these horses.

Back Country Safari Tours also offers segway tours with custom beach cruisers that will carry you down 12 miles of beach then on a trail ride through the Spanish Mustang Preserve! Off-Road 4×4 and Segway Safari Back Country Safari Tours is taking off-road adventure to a whole new level!

107-C Corolla Light Town Center
Corolla, NC


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